Post-COVID19 Museum Funding [II]

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MUŻE.X — Shaping Museum Futures Pre-Conference Webinar Events

Museums and Climate Change

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Can it be in this day and age?

Photo by Joseph Greve on Unsplash

Six international museum voices from around the world

Post-COVID19 museum funding [Part I]

Photo by Kevin Dellandrea on Unsplash

A Museum Compass for Times of Distress

Thoughts and reflections presented at the international online conference ‘Museums and COVID-19 — Challenges, Re-evaluation and Future Perspectives’ organised within the project Be Museumer.

Material Culture for Museums and the Negative Space

Photography — Reuters

Museum Rethinks and the Bob-the-Builder Mindset

and Convergence Culture

Sandro Debono

Museum thinker | Curious mind | Pragmatic dreamer — not necessarily in that order.

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